Performing Arts 

The MAID Foundation supports individuals or small organisations who are currently demonstrating success in taking a production into its local community by involving local performers, producers and technicians. Productions do not need to be professional, however, they should be scaleable and able to generate employment opportunities for the community. 

Applicants who are embarking on projects which leave no possibility of empowerment for the local community will not be considered. 

The MAID Foundation is offering up to R 75 000 per project in the Performing Arts category. 

Application example 

For example, an applicant may wish to produce a series of theatre workshops which tackle relevant social issues such as domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse and crime. The series will involve local community members in the scriptwriting, acting and technical roles while opening the discussion around these sensitive subjects. The theatre pieces would then be performed at the local community centre and schools, furthering their impact and assisting individuals who may need help and support. 

For a detailed example of how to fill in an application form in the Theatre category, click here.