We apply technology to almost everything we do in our daily lives;  at work, for communication, transportation, learning, manufacturing, securing data, scaling businesses and so much more.  Technology is human knowledge which involves tools, materials, and systems. The application of technology typically results in products. If technology is well applied, it benefits people and communities.

The MAID Foundation supports individuals or small organisations who are working on a project that encompasses some form of technology to uplift and enhance their local community. Some examples could include technology to improve water collection and distribution, building enhancements, or vegetable garden innovation . The technology must be sustainable, relatively inexpensive to produce or improve on and scaleable across communities.

The MAID Foundation is offering up to R 75 000 per project in the Technology category. 

Application example

For example, an applicant may wish to launch a computer literacy workshop in their local community. Specifically aimed at domestic workers, these workshops aim to upskill and empower women who would like to boost their income by adding administrative services to their list of expertise. These workshops would also open up opportunities for women who are looking to branch out of domestic work and seek jobs as office managers, personal assistants, etc. 

For a detailed example of how to fill in an application form in the Technology category, click here.