Success Stories

Starting from December, we’ll be sharing the success stories of our 2018 Springboard Initiative beneficiaries.

Each month we’ll learn what drives these beneficiaries to work for the betterment of their communities, the challenges they’ve faced and the creative ways they’ve overcome them.

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The Rainbow Youth Summit


Hout Bay is a microcosm of our nation - a growing and stressed community that is home to the diverse racial make-up of South Africa. For the past three years Gordon Aeschliman, leader of the Rainbow Youth Academy, has been leading a volunteer programme for the youth of Hout Bay, bringing together youth from diverse backgrounds. Through workshops, field trips, retreats, fun, imagination and hard work, these youth learn skills for peace building, conflict resolution, community service and collaboration.

With the support of The MAID Foundation, The Rainbow Youth Academy will be hosting a summit from 9 - 11 December. Bringing together mentors and youth leaders from the Hout Bay community, the summit seeks to build bridges across this divide, explore the obstacles which keep us from becoming a true, functioning community, develop leadership and self development skills in building successful relationships, and assist participants in becoming pro-active young adults who will help provide the community with a kinder, gentler future.

If you’re interested in learning more about Gordon’s journey and the Rainbow Youth Academy, take a listen to our first Maidcast session below. Keen to get involved or support the Rainbow Youth Summit? Contact Gordon through their website by clicking here.