The Parent Centre

The Parent-Centre's Parent-Infant Home Visiting Programme is a rigorously researched home visiting programme published in the British Medical Journal (2009), delivered by local women who have been trained extensively and supervised by social workers and psychologists. The programme offers antenatal and postnatal support and parenting skills training to vulnerable pregnant and new mothers living in disadvantaged communities.

Book Dash - Books for Babies

Guided by the recent Nurturing Care Framework, which focuses on the five areas required to support holistic child wellbeing, including responsive care giving, security and safety, and opportunities for early learning, a small team of members of PICH have collaborated to sponsor a Book Dash event, focused on developing books specifically targeted at babies and very young children. The books are most likely to be wordless, with a focus on contextually appropriate illustrations, with a local South African focus. For more information, see the book Dash Prospectus in the references. 

iKasi Youth

As Ikasi Youth, our mission is to pioneer a replicable afterschool program that inspires, connects and equips young Everyday Heroes and Leading Ladies in township communities across Southern Africa, so that they are be able to lead their families out of poverty. Our Vision is to see an impactful Everyday Heroes Club and Leading Ladies Program effectivly established in every township based school in Southern Africa.

Masiphumelele Youth Empowerment Project

The MYEP is a youth organization that provides inclusive innovative and sustainable youth programs and services. Improving individuals, community and schools’ physical, mental and emotional health and well being, our vission is to create a drug, crime and violence free world in which youths’ goals are realized and their skills and talents are developed, nurtured and cultivated.

Rainbow Youth Summit

Hout Bay is a microcosm of our nation--a growing and stressed community that is home to the diverse racial make-up of South Africa. For the past three years I have been leading a volunteer programme for Hout Bay youth across our racial divide. We call ourselves the Rainbow Youth Academy. Our goal is to build bridges across this divide, to learn what obstacles keep us from becoming a true, functioning rainbow community, to develop leadership and self development skills in building successful relationships across this divide and to become pro-active young adults who will help provide our community with a kinder, gentler future.

The Retrade Project - Eco Village and Community Recycling Depot

The ReTrade Project has vision to provide underprivileged communities in Nelson Mandela Bay with an opportunity to be environmentally aware and access resources to fulfil their basic human needs while still maintaining the human worth and dignity within each person. The ReTrade Project believes in providing opportunities for individuals to better themselves and seeks to provide hope to South Africa’s underprivileged who may not have access to basic needs such as food and toiletries. The ReTrade Project has a focus on intervention in underprivileged communities in providing ongoing, sustainable recycling programmes which will provide ongoing, long-term impact.


Situated in the rural town of Qwa Qwa in the Free State, Compu-Wizkids is a new intiative which teaches computer literacy to community members. Technology is a rapidly developing field, with many rural South Africans being left behind due to lack of access and experience. Through this program, Compu-Wizkids aims to encourage previously disadvantaged people to explore the world of technoogy, creating job opportunities and building confidence.

E-Learning Systems - An Infusion of Educational Technologies

The aim of this project is to provide training and development for educators on how to infuse learning e-learning systems into their teaching methodologies to enhance their teaching and learning practices. The training will contain the use of latest educational technologies (e-learning systems), as well as the use of computers. The expected outcomes is designing an instructional event which can be accessed by educators.

Technology Upliftment - Langa

We are looking to start a computer lab at one of the schools in Langa Township. Compared to learners from more advantaged schools, the learners from Langa are currently disadvantaged, making it difficult to compete for further education or employment opportunities. This is even more relevant given the way technology has permeated all aspects of life, making computer literacy essential for empowerment. 

Ukhanyo Primary School Sports Field

Built for 450 children and now schooling 1,970, the Ukhanyo Primary School sports facilities are over-utilised with daily PE activities and after schools sport. In 2015, a new netball court and sprint track was built and in 2017, three new cricket nets were installed. The aim of this project is continue the good work, with a full upgrade of the sports field, providing ample space for many more youngsters to use the facilities in the evenings and at weekends. Since the outset of the project, we have increased the number and training of 4 full time sports coaches and added afternoon sport each day which is now joined by 5 members of staff who also coach. The changes wrought by these additions have not only made significant changes in the health and happiness of the children, but also instilled a new found pride in their school.

Sports upliftment - Langa High School

Participating in sports is very helpful for learners, especially those who are disadvantaged. It gives them hope by reassuring them that if they exert themselves, they can also achieve their dreams and elevate their social status. Sports have the power to provide meaningful life experiences including building relationships, resolving conflicts, controlling stress and much more. This project will help learners maintain their health by keeping them physically active and happy, offering an alternative to street life and its problems.

Soweto Basketball Academy

The Soweto Basketball Academy nurtures talent from a young age, fostering education and community youth development through basketball and lifeskill activities.
Believing that basketball is the ideal avenue to instill moral principals and characteristics such as self confidence, discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship, the academy trains athletes - both boys and girls - to compete at the highest level possible.

Music program - Langa High School

From keys to marimbas, the Langa High School Music Project teaches leaners to play a variety of musical instruments while encouraging them to channel their creativity and explore alternative career opportuntities. Performing alongside top class musicians at internationally recognised music fesitivals, these learners are shown that they can achieve more in life through music.

The Marimba Project - Endeavour Primary School

An existing music program has been running at Endeavour Primary School, a non-fee school, for the past 7 years. Consisting of music classes from Grade 1 - 3, the Endeavour Primary School is extending the program to include marimbas. Our goal is to include more learners in the music program, specifically from Grades 5, 6 and 7. Apart from music making, we plan to use the marimba project as a team building exercise and leadership development of the learners in the Senior Phase. As an educational tool, marimba playing increases academic development in all the aspects of learning as it develops analytical skills, which are needed in language comprehension and mathematics.

Unmute Dance and Theatre Training Program

The Unmute Training Program is an inclusive performing arts curriculum that focuses on Integrating disability and arts. Unmute travels to different communities in Cape Town in search of young people with and without disabilities to take part in a one year dance training program. This is a full time training program whereby participants will receive training from qualified and experienced facilitators within the field of integrated arts. The training focuses on DanceAbility Technique (a dance technique that is accessible to participants with and without disabilities), Sign Dance Technique (a dance technique which is a fusion of sign language and dance), African Contemporary dance and Conceptualization. This project brings together young people from different backgrounds to inspire an integrated and inclusive society.

The Stellar Effect

The Stellar Effect is passionate about breathing life into stories through story telling workshops, podcasting and short video content. Podcasting and short video content is becoming more and more prevalent and vital to branding and marketing both internationally and locally. The use of story telling in media is also gaining momentum currently. We want to tell inspiring South African stories, as well as help organizations, artists, entrepreneurs and NGOs tell their stories in interactive and fun ways by helping them uncover and develop their stories for podcasting, short video and social media content platforms. If we can harness the power of story we can inspire our communities locally and spread the amazing work happening in South Africa abroad.