The MAID Foundation supports budding musicians, individuals and organisations, who have demonstrated through commitment and energy, that they have talent and more importantly a passion for making music accessible to their local community. In addition, applicants will have to show that their project encompasses a working knowledge of what it takes to hold public performances, so that their community can share in their success.

We are interested in supporting musicians across all genres – from acoustic to zydeco. Applicants can be individuals, in bands, or part of ensembles or orchestras. The MAID Foundation will not be considering applicants who are looking to be the next Dr Dre or Beyonce.

The MAID Foundation is offering up to R 75 000 per project in the Music category. 

Application example

For example, an applicant may wish to is apply for funding to create a space for music lessons in Gugulethu. They envision populating a space, available to them with various instruments, media players, and learning materials and require funding to purchase all the necessary equipment, add security bars to the windows, entrance/access points and arrange for a launch party and advertising in the local newspapers. 

For a detailed example of how to fill in an application form in the music category, click here.