Still have questions?

Take a look at the FAQ below for more information. 


Q: When does the application window open and close? 

A: We are accepting applications from now until 31 July 2018. 

Q: How do I apply? 

A: You can apply online here. 

While we prefer online submissions, if you must send a physical copy, please download the form here, fill it in and email it back to us at 

Q: How much funding can I apply for? 

A: We are offering grants up to R 75 000 in all categories, depending on the individual/organisation's needs. Successful applicants will need to detail how the funds will be allocated. 

Q: What makes a successful applicant? 

A: Successful applicants should have a clear and thorough plan of their project including a workable timeline and budget. We will give preference to applicants who are currently not receiving any funding. 

Q: If am I successful, when will I receive the money? 

A: A fund schedule will be discussed and agreed upon, once you've been notified that your application has been successful. 

Q: How will I get the funding? 

A: Applicants need to have a South African bank account, to which all funds will be transferred. 

Q: How many successful applicants will there be? 

A: We would ideally like to fund three individuals/organisation in of the six funding categories.  

Q: Am I allowed to apply if I am currently receiving funding or have received funding in the past? 

A: We will consider applicants who have received or are currently receiving funding, although these applicants would need to motivate why they need additional funding. 

Q: I am part of a group. Can groups apply or are applications only open to individuals? 

A: Yes, both groups and individuals can apply for funding.

Q: Who will own my project or idea if I am successful? 

A: The Make An Immediate Difference Foundation does not own, nor seek to profit from the intellectual property of successful applicants' projects. We do, however, request access and permission to use any video or photographic collateral generated during the projects' completion to be used for marketing and recording purposes. 

Q: What is expected of successful applicants? 

A: Successful applicants, using photos and video, will need to document their project progress. They will be expected, to the best of their ability, to stick to their project timeline and budgetary goals and should work with the MAID Foundation team regarding scheduled check-ins and progress updates. 

Q: English is not my first language. Can I download the form in different languages? 

A: Yes, the applications forms are available for download in isiXhosa and isiZulu. 

Q: My project doesn't fit into any of the categories. Can I still apply? 

A: Please email us at We might still be able to assist you.