Family & Community 

The MAID Foundation supports individuals and small organisations who are demonstrating success and commitment with programs or projects that uplift, upskill and improve their local communities.

Some examples could include ways to bring people together around a single cause, for example littering clean up campaigns, exercise, better eating habits, reduction in the use of alcohol or sugar in diet.  Other examples could include cross-community engagement to bring people together, encouraging interaction across different religions and cultures. 

The MAID Foundation is offering up to R 75 000 per project in the Family & Community category. 

Application example 

For example, an applicant may wish to upgrade their local community centre by improving the outdoor area with the addition of a new jungle-gym, planting a veggie patch, a painted mural and seating areas. Community members will be encouraged to get involved in the project by pitching in with gardening work, mural or general organisation. All community members will be invited to the new community centre launch which could feature local entrepreneurs, leaders and musicians. 

For a detailed example of how to fill in an application form in the Family & Community category, click here.