Visual & Functional  Art 

The visual arts include mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, film, and printmaking. All of which are created to stimulate audiences through the visual experience. Also included in this category are functional arts such as ceramics, furniture and interior design, jewelry making, metal crafting, and woodworking.

The MAID Foundation is looking for individuals or small organisations who are uplifting their communities through their innovative ideas, design and implementation. The work ideally should be scaleable and allow for the employment of more than one person.

The MAID Foundation is offering up to R 75 000 per project in the Visual & Functional Art category. 

Application example 

For example, an applicant may wish to bring colour and street art to the community by decorating the local skate park with a number of graffiti artworks. In addition, those designs will be used to create a line of footwear which would be available to purchase and further fund the project.  

For a detailed example of how to fill in an application form in the Visual & Functional Art category, click here.